Government officials learn from the Igunga Eco-Village project

Hon. Aggrey Mwanri and the Tabora Region officials observing a tree planted by the Village Natural Resource Management Committee at Mwang’haranga village

“The Igunga Eco-Village project is so unique and I am commending it for the remarkable efforts in fighting against drought in Igunga District. This project is doing a great job in providing the residents of Igunga District with the knowledge on climate change adaptation strategies. I am advising the residents of Igunga District to adapt these good technologies that will mitigate problems caused by drought in the district of Igunga” Said the Regional Commissioner for Tabora Region, Hon Aggrey Mwanri while opening the knowledge sharing and learning forum organized by the Igunga Eco-Village project on September 18th and 19th, 2017.

This was a two days forum organized by the project in collaboration with the Igunga District. The forum aimed at knowledge sharing and learning on the climate change adaptation strategies implemented by the project in Igunga District to facilitate replication of the strategies to other parts of Tabora region. A total of 10 officials from the Tabora Regional Commissioner’s Office participated at the forum. The officers were from the departments of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries development, Community development, Natural Resource Management, Water and Economics.

24 officials from the Igunga District Council, led by the District Commissioner, Hon. John Mwaipopo and the Igunga Eco-village staff were present throughout the visit and shared their experiences in climate change adaptation strategies with the visitors. They also learned from the Regional experts on how to improve implementation of the demonstrated climate change adaptation technologies.

Mr. Emmanuel Nstari switching on the biogas cooker for the visitors to see how it works

Led by the Regional Commissioner for Tabora Region, Hon. Aggrey Mwanri the delegates visited Mbutu ward whereby demonstration on fuel efficient stove, biogas, chicken brooder technology and the Tulip water filter were done by the farmers that have benefited from these innovations. The visitors were impressed and asked questions for clarifications on how the technologies function.

At Mwabakima dispensary, the delegates learned how the rain water harvest tank constructed by the project works and visited the tree nursery planted at Mwang’haranga primary school.

The visitors were also impressed by the Pass on the Gift ceremony that was done at Mbutu ward whereby the Mshikamano chicken husbandry group passed on a total of 69 chickens to 24 members of the Upendo group.

Pass On the Gift ceremony
On his remarks after the Pass on the Gift ceremony Hon. Mwanri explained that he is so impressed by the ceremony and he advised the group members that have received chickens to also pass on the Gift to other farmers to ensure livelihood improvement among all the farmers at the project area.

 Government officials learn from the Igunga Eco-Village project