Kitchen Garden Provides Income and Nutrition in Igunga District

Vivian pausing at her kitchen garden
Establishment of Kitchen gardens at Igunga District has proved to be a source of income and nutrition to farmers at Mbutu and Igunga ward, located in Igunga District.

Vivian Philemon (30) is among the kitchen garden  beneficiaries empowered by the Igunga Eco-Village project. The project constructed a demo Kitchen garden at her household in Mbutu Village in November 28th, 2017; whereby together with other 14 women they were taught on how to construct the kitchen gardens to enhance adoption of this technology by other households in the village.

Vivian explained that she is so grateful to the Igunga Eco-Village project for constructing this kitchen garden at her home and this has been beneficial to her family.

“Thanks to the Igunga Eco-Village project, I am now enjoying some fresh vegetables only at a zero distance from my house. I am no longer worried of getting vegetables. Whether I have money or not, I am assured of eating.

In my Kitchen garden I have planted spinach, chinese, green peppers and pumpkins. Not only we benefit from eating vegetables, but I also sell vegetables to my neighbours and earn money.

From this kitchen garden I have earned a profit of 70,000 T.Shillings through which I have been able to dig a toilet pit. Soon I will complete the construction of a pit latrine at my compound. I will no longer use my neighbour’s toilet. I am so grateful to the Eco- Village project.” Happily, said Vivian.

Vivian is also looking forward to start constructing kitchen gardens at her neighbours’ household. According to her over 5 neighbours have consulted her and they are now collecting the construction materials.

The Igunga Eco- Village project  have introduced the Kitchen gardens at the project area with the objective of increasing food nutrition and security through vegetable production to farmers. A total of 12 kitchen gardens have been constructed at families located in Igunga and Mbutu wards. These were established as demo plots for other farmers to learn and adopt.

 Kitchen Garden Provides Income and Nutrition in Igunga District