Renewable energy sources
To reduce deforestation the use of alternative, renewable energy sources is promoted. An assessment is made of available and locally appropriate technologies such as fuel efficient stoves and kilns, biogas installations and solar lamps. In each of the 9 villages techniques are showcased on demonstration sites as a part of the Farmer Field School. Local artisans are challenged to construct kilns and stoves.

Biogas installations
According to the passing on the gift model 125 resource-poor cattle owners receive a biogas installation on a loan basis. The recipient reimburses the cost to a next household, and so on. In the end 500 cattle-owners own a biogas installation.

Solar lights
Farmers who have good results receive a solar light, to promote their use.

To prevent deforestation and increase carbon density the Igunga district needs to be replanted with drought resistant trees. At least 5 drought resistant multi-purpose tree species are introduced. Tree planting takes place on the public places in the villages, like schools, dispensaries and prisons. Households are stimulated to plant at least 5 trees around their house.