Rain water harvesting tank appreciated by farmers in Igunga District

“Since we started using rain water from our tank, we have never suffered from waterborne diseases contrary to the tap water from our District. This water is safe and clean, and we use it throughout the year for drinking and cooking. May God bless the Igunga Eco-Village project for introducing this technology at our ward” Happily said Rev. Yusuph Shani

Rev. Yusuph Shani (54) is a farmer living at Mwayunge street of Igunga ward located in Igunga District. He is among the 8 local artisans that were trained by the Igunga Eco-Village project in water intervention. The training was conducted in August 2016, whereby the local artisans were trained on construction of small to medium low-cost rooftop rainwater harvesting tanks, siting and construction of shallow wells, pit latrine construction and construction of rope pumps.

According to Rev Shani, the knowledge he acquired from the project is so beneficial to him and has transformed his family’s life. This is because he decided to implement this knowledge at his home whereby he constructed a tank that can collect and store up to 4,000 liters of rain water. The tank’s construction was so cheap for him and he completed this in June 2017 at a cost of 219,000 T. shillings only. This is contrary to two wells that he constructed at his home in the past that costed him over 500,000 T.Shillings each.

Rev. Shani added that he is now assured of getting fresh and clean water from the tank and this has made him and his family to live a comfortable life that is free from waterborne diseases; his family is no longer walking out for fetching water.

“I am now a proud father, my wife and children are no longer going out of the house for fetching water. This has served time and energy spent in fetching water. Not only that they are now enjoying water from the tap installed inside the house” Happily explained Rev. Shani

Rev. Shani filling his bucket with the rain water through a pipe installed within his house

Rev. Shani is also looking forward to using his skills to construct some rain water harvest tanks at his neighbours’ houses and to him this is a business opportunity.

“This knowledge is a business opportunity to me. Four of my neighbours have consulted me to help in construction of rain water harvesting tanks at their homes. Each one of them will pay me a fee of 100,000 T.Shillings. I look forward to using this income in paying my son’s school fees and meeting my family’s basic needs.” Added Rev. Shani.

Rev. Shani is currently in the process of constructing another tank of 100,000 liters capacity. When this is completed, he expects to start selling rain water to his neighbours.

The Igunga Eco- Village has constructed a total of 9 rooftop rain water harvesting tanks in Mbutu and Igunga ward. These tanks were constructed as demo tanks for the farmers to learn and adopt. Currently, a total of 9 farmers have adopted and constructed the rain water harvesting tanks at their homes. This includes 4 at Mbutu ward, 3 at Igunga ward and 2 others at the neighboring wards that are out of the project area.

 Rain water harvesting tank appreciated by farmers in Igunga District