Tanzanian Government Leader Join Hands Heifer International Tanzania to Curb Drought in Igunga District.

Hon. John Mwaipopo in his office

The District Commissioner for Igunga District located in Tabora region, Tanzania, Hon. John Mwaipopo has joined hands the Igunga Eco-village efforts in fighting against drought at Igunga district through championing the tree planting campaign in the district. The project is implemented in 9 villages located at Igunga and Mbutu wards of the district.

Igunga is among the driest districts in Tanzania, with 500-750 mm annual rainfall and 6 months of dry period. Most of the people in Igunga rural depend on agriculture and/or livestock production for their food and income. Over the past few years they have increasingly been affected by climate change associated problems. This includes prolonged drought, floods, soil degradation and deforestation.

Among other activities implemented by the Igunga Eco- village project, tree planting has been prioritized and the project has formed 21 Natural Resource Management (NRM) committees in the project area. The committees oversee community mobilization in tree planting and management. These Committees are also responsible for overseeing environmental management issues in their respective villages.

Joining hands the project activities from January 1st, 2017 to date, Hon. Mwaipopo has planted a total of 12 trees in various location of Igunga district where Heifer International Tanzania implements its Eco- Village project. This includes Mwanzugi and Mwabakima villages located in Igunga and Mbutu wards respectively.

Speaking at his office in Igunga District, Hon. Mwaipopo commended the Igunga Eco- Village project efforts in mitigating climate changes’ impact in the district and promised support to Heifer International Tanzania in implementing the project in his district.

Hon. John Mwaipopo planting a tree at Mwanzugi Primary school.

“I intend to make drought a history in Igunga and hence I have been leading the tree planting campaign in my district. I believe that through leading by example, the community members   will be sensitized to copy what I am doing and will plant some trees at their compounds. Eventually, Igunga will turn into green!” Proudly explained Hon. Mwaipopo.

The Igunga Eco- Village project is funded by the European Union and implemented by Heifer International Netherlands, Heifer International Tanzania, ICIPE, Aqua for all and Igunga District Council.


 Tanzanian Government Leader Join Hands Heifer International Tanzania to Curb Drought in Igunga District.